may, 2019

04mayAll Day24Chinese Restaurant Week: Cafe Fusion @ Food Bowl(All Day)


may 4 (Saturday) - 24 (Friday)


Cafe Fusion

510 E Live Oak Ave, Arcadia


Event Details

Chinese Restaurant Week and Food Bowl month has inspired three fixed-priced menus at Cafe Fusion. The menus are:

Combo A (for two, $42): Fresh ginseng soup with chicken; braised pork belly with tofu; fresh bamboo with sliced beef; minced pork rice or steamed rice and seasonal fresh fruit.

Combo B (for 4-6 people, $88): Bitter melon with chicken soup; broiled squid with dipping sauce; satay beef with onchoy; three cup flavour chicken; pan fried Japanese cod; sakura shrimp fried rice and gluten rice ball for dessert.

Combo C (for 6-8 people, $188): Lobster salad (whole); mountain yam with chicken soup; spicy pork kidney; steamed whole black cod with tree seeds; bacon with Taiwanese cabbage; eggplant with basil; Taiwanese style rice noodles with pumpkin and pan fried sticky rice with red beans and mixed nuts.