may, 2019

04mayAll Day24Chinese Restaurant Week: Chili House(All Day)


may 4 (Saturday) - 24 (Friday)


Chili House

18888 Labin Court, Rowland Heights


Event Details

Chili House will offer two fixed-priced menus for Chinese Restaurant Week and Food Bowl:

Menu 1 ($68.99): Perilla steamed fish, house special 3 in one bowl, Hunan-style sautéed pork with green pepper, sautéed chile with chicken, celtuce with preserved pork, deep-fried milk (dessert), tea drink

Menu 2 ($188.99): Hunan-style soft shell turtle, green pepper and eggplant with preserved eggs, house special teppanyaki lamb with cumin, house-spiced beef shank pork ears/pork trip/tofu/chives, preserved vegetable braised pork with steamed bun, steamed chicken with ginger and scallions, hot and spicy clams, sautéed cabbage with chile, deep-fried milk (dessert), tea drink.