may, 2019

04mayAll Day24Chinese Restaurant Week: Little Skewer(All Day)


may 4 (Saturday) - 24 (Friday)


Little Skewer

1675 S. Azusa Ave., Hacienda Heights


Event Details

Three fixed-priced menus will feature barbecue choices and Chinese-style wine.

Combo A ($45): Roasted chicken, golde pot, grilled oyster, beef belly, pita bread, osmanthus wine bottle

Combo B ($72): Beef belly, lamb, beef kidney and fat, chives, grilled oyster, sliced bread, draft beer

Combo C ($110): Cucumber salad, peanuts and edamame, golde pot, land cabbage pot, garlic shrimp, beef belly, lamb, chicken wings, corn kernels, grilled scallop, sliced bread, fried rice cake with black sugar, draft beer