may, 2019

04mayAll Day24Chinese Restaurant Week: Spicy Home(All Day)


may 4 (Saturday) - 24 (Friday)


Spicy Home

1635 S. Azusa Ave., Hacienda Heights


Event Details

Spicy Home will offer three special fixed-priced menus:

Combo A (2 people) $42:
Perilla bullfrog pot with two optional side dishes, garlic rib, mung bean noodle, rice

Combo B (3-4 people) $60:
Sliced beef in chile sauce, spicy pot, toothpick lamb, Sichuan cold noodle, boiled fish with pickled cabbage, rice

Combo C (for 5-6 people) $85:
Steamed chicken with chile sauce, peppercorn boiled fish filet, mao cai, toothpick lamb, Sichuan cold noodle, fried rice cake with brown sugar,chile salted beef