16 May Wednesday

Wanderlust Creamery

May 16 - 20, 2018
12:00AM - 12:00AM
Los Angeles | Grand Park
Wanderlust Creamery
May 16 - 20
Los Angeles / Grand Park

Single Scoop $5

Double Scoop $7

Trio Scoop $6
3 ½ scoops of your choice

Ube Cone $1
Hand-rolled waffle cone made from butter + purple yam.

“All White” Halo Halo $10
icy parfait of shaved frozen coconut water, latik coconut dulce de leche, coconut sport, jackfruit, stewed plantain, vanilla bean panna cotta, cherimoya ice cream & crispy fried coconut milk curd

Sticky Rice & Mango
A whole or half grilled lobster on a bed of garlic noodz

-JAPANESE NEAPOLITAN – a trio of Japanese classics: matcha, black sesame, hojicha.
-UBE MALTED CRUNCH – Malted milk, sweet purple yam, crunchy malted milk pieces.
-GIANDUJA- roasted piedmont hazelnut + pure cacao. (vegan + dairy free).
-CACTUS – a refreshing sorbet of Nopal cactus + lime. (vegan + dairy free).
-SAKURA – grassfed milk + cream infused with Japanese cherry blossom.
-FIG LEAF + PISTACHIO – honeyed ice cream infused with fig leaves + pistachio